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Kentico 8.1 - Custom Upload Form Control [Solved to support custom table to store image/binary stream data]

Kentico is a powerful CMS engine that allow you to developed portal very fast. But when you have a really big data such as (10,000 above), you may need to think a different way to store the data(Not put all document as a Page Menu Item). I have heard kentico have test their product for 100K document. But from my experience using shared server, it is cause a lot of painful if you want to expand the node in your page module, and even very slow to load the data.(That is my situation). So after all, I have decided to developed a " Custom Upload FormControl " to make Custom table support for upload files/media. This implementation is quite tricky because the custom formcontrol just store link to custom table field and it will store the image into media library folder. Look at the flow below : User/admin upload image using custom formcontrol Custom formcontrol check folder in media library, if not exist, create media library folder.(Each user will have their own folder so in future

Adding control dynamically from Code Behind - Dropdown, Listbox, Checkbox -

This tutorial/example shows how you can add control dynamically from code behind. This example not only limits to Dropdown, Listbox, and Checkbox controls, but you can use this example for any controls. The only things that you need to understand the process. Step By Step Create one new project name DynamicControls Add One web form or webform using the master page if you use the default template master page. Copy-paste code below respectively. (Note: I'm using the default master page template from VS2010) ASPX code   <h3>         This is Dynamic Control Tutorial     </h3>     <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Add ListBox To Panel"         onclick="Button1_Click" />     <br />     <asp:Button ID="Button2" runat="server" Text="Add Dropdown To Panel"         onclick="Button2_Click" />     <br />     <asp:Button ID="Button3" runat="server&q