Tips to get an Idea for blogging.

What will you write in your blog.? This is a common question and also a common problem when someone wants to start writing on their blog. This is also my problem. :-D

This is the list of application that will help you to get an idea to start writing in your blog, I'm not an expert, but just want to share the information with all of you.

  1. Youtube (
  2. Google Trends (
  3. AOL Hot Searches (
  4. Google Keyword Tool(
These are some applications that you will use to help you to get an idea to start blogging.


Youtube is a popular website for sharing a video on the internet right now. It is the top 3 website that always has high visitors in the world. This is the keyword, top website have a top story/video that will give you the idea, to start brainstorming your mind about what is the most popular video that people watched. What you need to do is to browse the Most Popular video on YouTube and try to identify the video that has high views in a short time. If the video has been frequently watched in a short time, means that the video can be a topic in your blog.

Google Trends

Google trends are one program that developed to identified search trends for some keywords. By using this program, you will also know which country that has high searching information for a certain keyword. Google also will list top keywords every day via Hot Topics and Hot searches in America.

You can use this program for free to get an idea to write in your blog. 

AOL Hot Searches

AOL is a short form from America Online that provides services such as email, internet, and also a search engine. AOL is almost the same as Yahoo! but more senior than Yahoo! and Google search engine. AOL has one site that calls AOL Hot Searches which will show the most widely searched keyword every day in their search engine.

Same as google trends, this is one application that you can use to get the idea to start writing in your blog.

Google Keyword Tool

This program is developed by Google and free to use. Most Internet businessmen use this program to get new ideas based on requests from users on the internet. With the keyword tool, Google search shows estimates for each keyword related to what you're looking for.

For example, you want to create a blog about Insurance. Google will list the keyword suggestions that may be related to what you're looking for with the total worldwide search, in the country and also estimates that advertisers are willing to pay for the use of the keyword. By using this program also, you can search for high-value keywords that can be used in your blog. Just to get the idea. 

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