Tips of send or reply email for customer

Email is a one medium to communicate to others people. Mostly now days people use email to communicate with customer. I have learn something which i want to share with others  tips to send or reply email to your customer. Hopefully this note will be useful for someone.

As you know, the problem with emails is that  they do not have "tone".  The interpretation of our emails is concluded by the intended recipient.  Sometimes, the interpretation differs from what we meant. As a small step to improve our customer service and professionalism, let us start with the ethics of emails.  There's a lot being written on the Net but I listed down here the common ones.

Tips of send or reply email to customer

  1. Take care of your grammar and spelling - people may perceive you as sloppy.
  2. Use salutation - Dear Sir... Dear Madam...
  3. Careful with capital letters.  People may interpret your words as screaming or yelling.
  4. Think twice on who you want to C.C. Big bosses may be annoyed with unnecessary C.C.
  5. Go straight to the point.
  6. Some issues are better to be resolved by conducting discussion.  To ensure our backs are covered, after each discussion, quickly distribute discussion notes (issues and action plan).
  7. Be nice.

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