Create New Android Project - Eclipse

This is a tutorial of creating new android project from Eclipse tools.

Note : If your eclipse dont have Android project, then you need to follow step by step here to install android plugin for eclipse . Install Android Plugin - Eclipse


  1. From the Eclipse main menu, choose File >> New >> Project.; and this will bring up a list of project types to choose from. Fold open the Android option and click on Android Project:
  2. Press Next to advance the wizard to the main Android project page:
  3. Fill in the following: 
    • The name of the project (e.g., Now)
    • The Android SDK you wish to compile against (e.g., Google APIs for Android 2.3)
    • The name of the Java package in which this project goes (e.g:
    • The name of the initial activity to create (e.g., Now)
  4. At this point, clicking Finish will create your Eclipse project.
Reference :

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