Create Navigation Using Kentico 7 Repeater Webpart

Kentico CMS for ASP.NET empowers marketers and developers in creating websites without limits. It's the ultimate solution for your website, store, community and on-line marketing initiatives.

Today i want to show how you can use Repeater Webpart to create one Navigation. On this post i will more focus on the Transformation.

Let say this is your navigation html code :

Navigation Html Code

<ul class="megamenu">  
    <a href="#_" class="megamenu_drop">LEVEL ONE</a>
    <div class="dropdown_3columns dropdown_container">
      <ul class="dropdown_flyout">
        <li class="dropdown_parent">
          <a href="#_">LEVEL TWO</a>
          <ul class="dropdown_flyout_level">
              <a href="#_">LEVEL THREE</a>

Repeater Navigation Webpart Configuration

Transformation Code

Level One

<%# IfCompare(DataItemIndex.ToString().Trim(),"0","","<ul class="megamenu"> ") 
<li ><a href="<%# GetDocumentUrl() %>"><%# Eval("DocumentName") %></a>

<cc1:CMSRepeater ID="rptnavleveltwo" runat="server" ClassNames="cms.menuitem"
                       TransformationName="<transformation name>"
                       WhereCondition="(DocumentMenuItemHideInNavigation = 0) AND 
                (Published=1) AND (NodeLevel = 2)"
                      OrderBy="NodeOrder ASC"
                      NestedControlsID="rptnavlevelthree" />

Level Two

 <%# IfCompare(DataItemIndex.ToString().Trim(),"0","","<div class=\"dropdown_3columns dropdown_container\"><ul class=\"dropdown_flyout\">") %>  
                                <li><a href="<%# GetDocumentUrl() %>"><%# Eval("DocumentName") %></a>
                                    <cc1:CMSRepeater ID="rptnavlevelthree" runat="server" ClassNames="CMS.MenuItem"
                                    TransformationName="<Transformation Name>"
                                    WhereCondition="(DocumentMenuItemHideInNavigation = 0) AND (Published=1) AND (NodeLevel=3)"
                                    OrderBy="NodeOrder ASC" />
<%# IfCompare(this.DataRowView.DataView.Count.ToString().Trim(),(DataItemIndex + 1).ToString().Trim(),"","</ul></div>") %>     

Level Three

<%# IfCompare(DataItemIndex.ToString().Trim(),"0","","<ul class=\"dropdown_flyout_level\">") %>
<li><a href="<%# GetDocumentUrl() %>"><%# Eval("DocumentName") %></a></li>
<%# IfCompare(this.DataRowView.DataView.Count.ToString().Trim(),(DataItemIndex + 1).ToString().Trim(),"","</ul>") %>

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