What you need to know about Static class

Static Class Properties

  • A static class cannot be instantiated. That means you cannot create an instance of a static class using new operator. 
  • A static class is a sealed class. That means you cannot inherit any class from a static class. 
  • A static class can have static members only. Having non-static member will generate a compiler error.
  • A static class is less resource consuming and faster to compile and execute. 

Static Class Example

Public static class MyStaticClass 

    Private static int myStaticVariable; 
    Public static int StaticVariable; 
          return myStaticVariable; 
         myStaticVariable = value; 
  Public static void Function() 

Note : The static class can directly called out from the other class for example you create class ClassA, and you can directly type in ClassA to call Function method in class MyStaticClass like this.

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