[SOLVED]Login failed for user ''. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456)

If you want to try to connect to database using sql authentication and the result is failed due to error code "18456" , here are the solution that you might want to try. I already solved the issue (in my case the problem because of the database did not set to allow sql connection to pass. So the solution is to enable the SQL Server authentication.

Enable SQL Server Authentication 

  1. Login to the SQL Server using windows authentication.
  2. Right click on the SQL Server node >> properties.
  3. Go to Security tab.
  4. Under SQL Authentication choose SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode.
  5. Click Ok Button.
  6. Go to Services . Control Panel >> Administrative tools >> Services >> Find SQLServer instance.
  7. Restart SQL Server instance.
  8. Try to login again using your login information.
  9. Done.

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