Kentico 7 - Get Specific document information

This post will show how to get specific document information using Transformation In Kentico 7.

Note : i have tested this method in kentico 7 only, donno if the other version will work.

You can refer this link to create new transformation method

Example :

You can use this method in your transformation let say you create new repeater and want to show the parent name of the binding document type data. In this scenario, the document type store under different parent node.

       public string getDocumentInfo(string documentID, string parentProperties)
            TreeProvider tree = new CMS.DocumentEngine.TreeProvider(CMSContext.CurrentUser);
            TreeNode Node = DocumentHelper.GetDocument(Convert.ToInt16(documentID), tree);

            if (Node != null)
                switch (parentProperties)
                    case "NodeID": return Node.NodeID.ToString();
                    case "NodeAliasPath": return Node.NodeAliasPath;
                    case "NodeName": return Node.NodeName;
                    case "NodeAlias": return Node.NodeAlias;
                    case "NodeClassName": return Node.NodeClassName;
                    case "NodeParentID": return Node.NodeParentID.ToString();
                    case "NodeLevel": return Node.NodeLevel.ToString();
                    default: return string.Empty;
                return "Current UserInfo :" + CMSContext.CurrentUser + " Node is null";

How to use


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